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Schools out: Happy summer holidays with your dog!

Enjoy holidays with your dog

The school holidays provide an ideal chance for you and your family to appreciate time with your dog. Fun in the garden. Walks in the park. Picnics in a meadow. Days by the sea. If he’s a quiet dog you could even take him to an outdoor theatre performance.child with dog on holidays courtesy of Pixabay

Generally, dogs are not solitary creatures; they love to be in the thick of it.

Caring for your family dog is a great teaching opportunity for your children too. Devise a rota and give each child a specific job. For example, one child feeds the dog, another child brushes his coat and together this would be a good time to give your dog a bath or shower with Dog Hair Day shampoo. Click here to buy. Regular daily dog walks are great exercise for the whole family and will get kids away from their screens!

If you’re looking to do something different why not explore some of the suggestions made by Dog Friendly Britain?

Please be responsible

And if you are going away for any length of time without your dog then book him into a kennel. Or send him to a dog-sitting service such as Barking Mad. Maybe have a trusted house/dog-sitter come to stay at your home.

Among all the fun activities remember that dogs are not simply here to entertain. Rescue charity Dogs Trust reports that they receive around twice the number of calls to its rescue centres when the school holidays are over.

Maria Wickes, Head of Dogs Trust Dog School, said: “While the majority of dog owners regard their dogs as valued family members it appears some may use dogs as four-legged nannies over the holidays and disregard them come September. In many cases dogs are not equipped to deal with the change in routine and may start displaying undesirable behaviour.” Dogs Trust urges anyone struggling to control their dog’s behaviour to sign up for training classes.

In fact, one thing you can do as a family is to take a training or socialisation class with your dog during the school holidays. This can be a very bonding experience and your dog will thank you for it.

Above all, enjoy the holidays with your best friend!

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