About the Shampoo

What do you want from a dog shampoo?

Probably you want something that leaves your dog clean and smelling lovely. And if you have landed here you’re probably somebody who is interested in the health of yourself, your family, your dog, and the environment.

You can only feel satisfied that the product is safe to use and meets your criteria by thoroughly reading and understanding the label on your bottle of dog shampoo.

How did we deliver that?

We carefully and thoroughly researched the ingredients for Dog Hair Day. As a result we’ve concentrated on using high quality ingredients and left out potentially harmful ones. Dog Hair Day ingredients are 97% naturally derived and the shampoos are at a pH suitable for a dog’s skin.

We have created a small bespoke range, Tea Tree and Sage, Lavender and Chamomile and Aloe Vera and Nettle. Our fourth variety, Lemon Eucalyptus and Neem is proving extremely popular.

Because we have concentrated on quality the combination of the ingredients in our shampoos are suitable for all dogs from puppies to golden oldies.

And we provide full transparency of all the ingredients that go into Dog Hair Day. To find the section which lists our ingredients in greater detail – please click on the button below.


Certainly, choosing carefully crafted products, combining the best of science and nature can make a real difference. Hence your pet’s health, your health, the health and survival of wild animals climate change and to the environment can all be positively affected. Dog Hair Day shampoos bring vitality, shine and suppleness to the fur while being kind to you, your pet and the planet.

Accordingly, we are delighted to have been awarded the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Certification. Additionally, we have received Naturewatch certification and the Ethical Shopping award. Explicitly, we commit to none of our products or raw materials ever being tested on animals.

Please see our Values Statement for our policy in full.