Refer a Friend

As a Dog Hair Day customer you know all about our great dog shampoo. Let your your family and friends know about us too by sending them a Refer a Friend invitation link by email. This will have a 10% welcome code* to spend on Dog Hair Day shampoo!

For every referred person who becomes a new customer by using the welcome code to buy Dog Hair Day shampoo you’ll have 10 Bonus Bubbles™ * (1 Bonus Bubble™ = 10p) added to your Loyalty Scheme account.

This means you can earn your Loyalty Scheme discount coupons quicker.

Refer a Friend

Please login if you want to Refer a Friend

* Terms & Conditions apply

This is how it works

A. Invite your friend using the “Refer a Friend” form

Enter the friend’s email address in the box above and click on the “Refer your friend” button. Your friend will be sent an email with a welcome 10% discount code. They can use the discount code the first time that they buy some of our Dog Hair Day shampoo.

B. The recipient of the link buys shampoo from our website

After your friend successfully orders Dog Hair Day shampoo and when payment and delivery are effected the transaction is complete.

C. You get your Bonus Bubbles™

We add the 10 Bonus Bubbles™ (1 Bonus Bubble™ = 10p) to your account.

Please note that the friend buying the shampoo in step B must be a new customer. This is essential for you to receive your referral Bonus Bubbles™. The full Terms & Conditions for the Bonus Bubbles™ loyalty scheme and Refer a Friend are to be found here.