Bonus Bubbles™ loyalty Scheme

Bonus Bubbles™ Loyalty Scheme

When you open a customer account you will automatically participate in the free Bonus Bubbles™ Loyalty Scheme and collect Bonus Bubbles™ loyalty points. Then, collected Bonus Bubbles™ loyalty points generate coupons that are easy to redeem at the checkout.

For reference, the Bonus Bubbles™ Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions can be found here.

How the Bonus Bubbles™ Loyalty Scheme works:

A. Automatic and free

You earn Bonus Bubbles™ points on every purchase of Dog Hair Day dog shampoo.

B. 1 point for every £1 spent

You receive 1 Bonus Bubbles™ point for every £1.00 net of VAT of the amount you spend on shampoo. You get the points after the order has been paid.

C. Spend coupon at checkout

Collect 100 Bonus Bubbles™ points and you will receive a coupon to spend at checkout.

Bonus Bubbles™ Loyalty Scheme – more details

Dog Hair Day will use email address specified in your customer account to inform you of the status of your Bonus Bubbles™ points. You may revoke the use of this email address at any time for no cost except the transmission cost at basic rates.

A quick summary of the rules for collecting points:

You will receive 1 point for every for every £1.00 net of VAT of the amount you spend on shampoo. When awarding points we round your shampoo spend to the nearest £0.50 (e.g. for a total of £9.30 , you will receive 9 points; for a total of £9.80 , you will receive 10 points).

Your points will be credited to your account once your order has been paid in full and confirmed as booked in our system. For technical reasons, payments are confirmed as booked in our system approx. 1 day after they are booked in your account.

However, if your order value decreases (e.g. returned product, etc.), you will only be credited with points for the actual amount paid for shampoo.

Additionally, you can earn extra Loyalty Points by Referring a Friend and on certain special offers and promotions. We advertise these offers on our website and newsletters.