Aloe Vera & Nettle, Lavender & Chamomile, Tea Tree & Sage Dog Hair Day shampoos

Wholesale Information

Consumers are increasingly more ethically and environmentally aware. They are looking for safe and effective products for their pets as well as their families, and buy these products from diverse outlets.

Let us help you take advantage of this ever-growing market sector with:

  • Small minimum order
  • Next day delivery
  • On-going support programme
  • PR campaigns in consumer and trade press
  • Website stockist finder page
  • Stockist in the Spotlight promotion on our website and social media
  • Promotional activity on social media
  • RRP: £10.99 per 250 ml bottle

Dog Hair Day dog shampoo comes in three varieties: Tea Tree and Sage, Lavender and Chamomile and Aloe Vera and Nettle with a fourth variety on the way and is suitable for all ages of dogs – from puppies to golden oldies.

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