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Wash Day Wonders: Why Dogs Get Excited After Bathing

Does your dog go doolally after you’ve bathed him or her?

The sight of your dog charging around the house, rolling on the carpets, or even leaping up on the bed, can be amusing, annoying or just plain bewildering to owners.

But why does your dog do this?

No-one knows for sure, but there are plenty of guesses.

  • If your dog dislikes the shampoo you’ve used he may want to roll around to get rid of the scent. Our Dog Hair Day shampoo is formulated with herbs – just like your dog would encounter on a walk.
  • Your dog wants to help the drying process. Acting like a whirling dervish gets that coat back to what feels like normal.
    Your dog now feels clean and pampered and is celebrating the fact.
  • Dogs can feel unsettled when you are actually bathing them, especially if this is not a frequent happening. They are on an adrenaline high. When the unsettling activity is over they need to expend that excess energy. The more frequently you bathe your dog the more welcome to this experience will be.
  • Your dog likes water. Yes, some dogs love to swim. Or swimming may be in your dog breed’s ancestry. Having a bath, or a shower, puts them back in touch with that natural experience.

With the right dog shampoo your dog should find his new, clean-smelling fur not only acceptable but a pleasure to be in!