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The Benefits of Bathing Your Dog

The advantage of bathing your dog would seem to be obvious: a clean dog that smells nice. But there’s more…

Regular bathing of your dog will produce a shiny coat. It will also lessen the chances of parasites gaining a foothold in your dog’s fur. Bathing can also prevent skin irritations or lessen those that might be present.

The healthy dog will not itch much, smell bad or keep trying to bite his or her fur. Dogs that do this have an underlying imbalance and it’s making itself apparent through the skin. There could be a yeast infection, rashes, bacterial infections or ‘hot spots’ – inflamed, infected patches on your dog’s skin. Allergies to mould, grass and pollen can also irritate your dog’s skin.

While there are drugs to treat all these conditions it is wise to follow a programme of good nutrition, exercise and skin bathing as a long-term measure.

Bathing your dog, using a gentle dog shampoo, will reap great rewards for your pet and result in less stress for you.

The Right Dog Shampoo

Firstly, don’t use human shampoo on your dog. A dog’s skin has a different pH balance to ours. Animals that have a problem with grains may react badly to oatmeal shampoos. Avoid them if this is the case.

Dog shampoos that include essential oils, such as in our Dog Hair DayTM range, are safe. The oils are soothing, are used traditionally for healing purposes and provide a pleasing, natural fragrance.

The Order of the Bath

Commit to bathing your dog at least once a month – but more frequently in allergy seasons (that’s Spring and Summer for grass allergies; Autumn for mould problems).
Brush your dog’s coat first.
Use a shower head and lukewarm water to wet your dog’s fur and skin.
Apply the shampoo then stroke it gently into the fur. Lather up.
Start from the head and work down the body.
Rinse thoroughly.
Dry the dog with a warm towel. Be gentle.

Result: one sweet smelling, happy, healthier dog.