The original Trover Red Bone Dry® drying coat


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Collar up or down, ears in or out, your choice with the Trover Red Bone Dry® drying coat.

100% polyester towelling effect fabric is made for Trover® Dog Coats in the UK and then shipped to Alderney in the Channel Islands where it is hand made for you. The fabric is easy wash at 40°C, very quick to dry and is hardwearing. The Trover Red Bone Dry® drying coat has amazing wicking and thermal properties, good news for working dogs too. Illustrated when the Bone Dry® successfully stabilised a dog with hypothermia after it fell through ice on a lake in Canada. Popular with working dogs and all companion dogs especially Senior or dogs that are a bit creaky.

Suitable for use after a canine hydrotherapy session to wear on the way home.

How To Measure Your Dog for a Trover® Bone Dry® drying cover

Make sure that your dog is standing NOT sitting.

Use a tailor’s tape measure or your leash to measure the back length and then put it against a ruler.

DO NOT use a metal tape measure (too stiff to not follow the dog’s contours).

Measure the actual neck measurement at the widest point right the way around the neck (circumference).

dog measuring guide

If you need any assistance with sizing or further information please feel free to contact or phone 01481 823209. Toni is also available some evenings from 6 until 9 o’clock to assist you.