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Holidays end – School’s Back

Holidays end – How to help your dog get back to routine

With holidays end it’s not just humans who get the post-holiday blues – dogs can as well. Dogs are pack animals and your dog will most likely have enjoyed having the family around all over the holiday period. Extra activities and even a break away may have been enlivening and uplifting for your dog. When the family goes back to its routines of work, school or college your dog may feel left out.

Getting back on track

Back to School

Let your dog know that he’s still involved and very much part of the family after holidays end. Re-establishing a routine for your dog will help him feel safe and secure. This means walks, toileting and meals at regular times. Playtime will help, perhaps with a new or favourite toy. Watch your dog’s diet as well. He may have had more treats over the holidays and now it is time to return to healthy eating. Getting back into a bathing routine will also help your dog feel special and cared for. Why not choose one of our Dog Hair Day shampoos with their plant-based oils to reawaken that holiday vibe?

Home Alone

Days can seem long for the dog who is left alone at home. Ideally someone should pop in or walk your dog during the day, either a family member or a professional dog walker. Some dogs can feel safer in a crate or dog pen but for others this may not be needed. Ensure that you leave plenty of fresh drinking water and some toys while you are out and pay your dog plenty of calm attention when you return.


If your dog is showing signs of distress after the holidays end it may be time to consult your vet. Symptoms could include not eating much, incessant barking, whining, lethargy, or tearing up the house. However, consistency is key with any period of transition. Establish that all-important routine canine routine and you and your dog should soon return to whatever is normal for you!

DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained here it is for educational purposes only. The writer of this article and Dog Hair Day can’t diagnose any physical, mental or behavioural condition in animals nor prescribe treatment. We urge you to consult your vet if you have any concerns about your dog.