Hala Pet Stores


Hala Pet Stores is in southern Lancaster, on the Hala estate near Booths supermarket. It’s run by Steve Atkin, helped by his daughter Elise, who turned a dream into reality when he bought the shop in November 2010.

The shop, though small, has everything you could want for your pets day-today. It's only 2 miles from Lancaster University - perfect if you need to keep your pets healthy and happy while studying away from home. With easily accessible parking in front of the shop, it's in an ideal location for you to quickly pick up what your pets might need for the week ahead by car, and there’s a bus stop within 100 metres if you regularly commute by the number 4 bus between the University and Lancaster city centre.

They believe in the personal touch, and pride themselves on their customer service and knowledge about animals in general. If you want any advice about pets, for any reason, simply get in touch.

Hala Pet Stores stock food and treats for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, other small rodents, wild and domesticated birds, and fish! Housing, bedding and toys for most pets is available too with hutches and bird cages online and cages, tanks and pet beds at the shop (subject to availability).

Steve and Elise are passionate about pets and their well being and would love to hear how your pets are doing. They regularly write about the latest events concerning pets in the Lancaster area, spreading the joy of having a furry, feathery or scaly companion!

Hala Pet Stores
10 Lentworth House
Tel: 01524 847434
Email: info@halapetstoresonline.co.uk
Web: www.halapetstoreonline.co.uk