Doggy social mobility – my story by Kieran

I’m Kieran and my story of doggy social mobility is one that just keeps getting better and better, but started in hell.

A bad start

I was born in Bulgaria and when I was quite young they put me in a cage. Because I never got walks like other dogs I became stiff and sore. In the end, I couldn’t even stand up and the pain was terrible. I wore my teeth out gnawing at the bars and finally all my hair fell out and I had two horrible lumps on my head. In the end, I was turned out of my prison and left by the roadside to die. However, two young Bulgarians found me and called a wonderful woman called Maxime Catherine Taylor (You can find her on Facebook). She only just got there in time as the vet said that I should be put down because I was in such a state.

Getting better

 Maxime said “No” and no one argues with Maxime! That was just over a year ago and started my doggy social mobility. Gently she nursed me back to health. Gradually my fur began to grow back but my skin was still itchy and scaly. Of course, I still got pain and was a bit stiff but her love made life with her just like being in heaven. The next bit was not quite so good. I travelled in a van to a forever home of my own in the UK but I missed Maxime terribly and my new home didn’t quite work out. So I went to a foster home which was lovely but they couldn’t keep me.

Jane in the Channel Islands had been following my story on social media but she already had 3 special needs rescues and another one on the way so although she had fallen in love with me she couldn’t take on any more. … or could she? When she heard I was going to be sent back to Bulgaria she changed her mind in a flash; this time it was Jane saying “No”!

And better and better

Back in the van I was driven from Scotland to Southampton and put in a titchy plane which bumped over the ocean to the little paradise which is called Alderney. This is a tiny Channel Island where I live with the 4 other brothers and sisters that nobody wanted. We have lots of fun and I can have lots of walks every day and have learned all about belly rubs and rolling on my back in the grass. However, I still had trouble with my itchy skin and fur dropping out until Jane found out about this wonderful Dog Hair Day shampoo; one application and my life changed entirely.

Sister Foxey another example of doggy social mobility

My weekly Dog Hair Day bath has made all the difference to my poorly skin and fur. Tea Tree & Sage is the best for me. My brother, lil blind Fred, found by Maxime on a Bulgarian rubbish tip also uses this special shampoo as he too has a tendency to itch. He is a Lancashire heeler and his fur is now so shiny his harness keeps falling off. Mum is delighted, not about the harness but the condition of our coats! If you want to find out more about us our IG account is @foxeythedog. Foxey is my tripawed, one-eyed sister, but that is another story!